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This site has alot of images on it so please be patient with loading :)

wooooohoooooo finally got off (or on as the case may be) my slack butt and have put some info up on the Exmouth page...

hmm well few changes have happened recently ... I must say im happy to see 20s room is becomming alot freindlier these days well done to all the hosts the room is comming along well again :))

I have recently taken on roll of Sop in #peers.20s and Vop in #Help sooooo if you need any help on anything go see someone else hehhe jokes..

Please read my Exmouth page ppls its taken me a year to get motivated enuff to put the info up on it lol .... i know it loads real slow but hey i dont know much bout doing web sites soo its the best i can offer to date.

Happy chatting people :)

28 June 03



Well ok Im gonna have another bitch

I'm so sick of seeing on chat that ppl have had there pictures put onto a website and are going to sue the person who put them there or are going have the  person charged.... grow up sheeesh

The ppl making the web sites for christ sake grow up, get over yourselves and get a life ... is your life really that sad that you have nothing better to do with your days?

The ppl who have been put onto the web sites grow up as well ..... What harm are these pictures really doing in reality??? Everyone that looks at the site knows that the person who made the site is a bitter person and that they are full of crap so please.. This is like pre-school when someone calls you a name and you go running to teacher... stand up for yourself ... best way to do that is ignore these fools who are making these sites.... laugh at just how pathetic they really are they will soon get bored with it and move onto something else..

Now people saying they are going to go to the police ..... wellllll this is the one that shits me off most... ffs someone has put a picture of you up on a web site ... you people are sending out pictures of yourselves to strangers.. you need to take a little bit of responsibility for your own actions .... you want to go to the police and have them search isp's onto web sites and track down the person that is pasting a picure of you on the net.... take a minute to think about this ... is this site doing you any real harm??

Look at the police budget for the year... it is very low so low that they can not afford to put as many new recruits through.... therefore there are less and less cops on our streets... so before you go and demand that they track down this petty little loser that has put your picture up.... think about what money you are taking away from the budget it is not cheap to track someone down that you dont even have a first name for....

Im thinking this money that would be spent on tracking down these losers would be better spent on tracking down the people who are putting child pornography on the net .... surely this deserves more of the police budget than some primary school prank.... you want to go and waste the police services time on this then so be it ... another child will be used for child porn!

These sites that have been put up are getting more traffic thru them by the ppl on there advertising them to other ppl saying look what this person has done to me.... umm hello you are giving them what they want by sending other ppl to the site.... ignore it!! Its easy..

Over the past 3 years my picture has been put on many of web sites just the same and worse as the ones that are going around now... These ppl get bored and eventualy leave the chat server because noone can be bothered talking to them anymore... you getting upset and carrying on to ppl is making these jokers sit back and laugh at you.

Next time you complain about how long it took the police to get to your house in an emergency think back to these complaints you are making now and pat yourself on the back for wasting so much of the services budget and police man hours...

Ignore losers = losers go away :)

Lets keep chat a nice place to escape to :)






Hello there :)

Welcome to my site .... please have a look around :)

Seems to be a hell of alot of hostillity these days on telstra chat .. some lame people have nothing better to do with their lives than to cause problems for people in a chat room ... I find it very sad that people find enjoyment in harrassing new chatters ... perhaps these people are very small minded and also small in stature in real life so a computer screen makes them feel like the "big man" .... you people are very lame :)

To the so called hosts out there .... get a backbone will yas... these people can threaten you as much as they like .. in reality they cant do jack shit to you .... you have the ban power USE IT!! It is very disturbing to see how many hosts will sit and watch other people get abused when they have the power to stop the situation... also cop abuse themselves because they dont want to ban some tool ... this is beyond me why you let them get away with it.

Lets think back to when we first started to chat on telstra... it was FUN now you people have turned it into not fun ... partly because of hosts who abuse powers partly because of hosts that do not use their powers to protect other ppl .... when you first started chatting you were protected by hosts .. how bout returning the favour :)

Well thats my bitch for the day :)

lol perhaps my next update will be a bit more friendly


What's New?

Okies ... finally I have put up some piccys on the Kimba pics page ... still heaps more to go on there but.   
Also more pics are up on the Exmouth page and I have added some info on the pics I still have alot more info to put on there Im just a wee bit lazy atm but it will be there one day promise lol.
ughh my counter died again so I have given up on it for now ... until I can be bothered finding something to replace it :)